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Clients Testimonials

Very great experience with this service. Mr Lambert was very helpful and patient as well with me. Took me from 423 score to 710 in 4 months, I am so happy and impressed as well, couldn't believe it.He put me in a program called Credit my rent where I was able to register my 2 years apartment rent and that itself boost my credit score up to 100 points plus he gave me a secure Credit card for $2000 and reported to all of the 3 credit bureau at the same time every month. Guys, the service works. I am in 700 club now.
Highly recommended
I started in this program in less than 30 days my credit went over 119 points with 70 items deleted. Highly recommended them to my family.
Very great customer service, Any time I called, Coach Lambert brought me confident about the timing to get my credit score increase.
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